About us

Welcome to stay in our unique house in a peaceful place in the countryside, where each room is furnished in its special way.
You find our Bed & Breakfast in Skåne in the beautiful area between Svedala and Trelleborg, close both to nature and Malmö and Copenhagen.

Here you can enjoy the peace of the countryside, with many beautiful flowers and trees in the garden, sit under an apple tree or at the water lily pond where there are frogs, play golf at one of the golf courses nearby and go by bike or walk in the beautiful surroundings. In autumn you can pick apples from one of our many apple trees or taste the pears from our big tree.

After about 20 years in the Stockholm area and some years abroad, we decided to move south to Skåne, not least because of the longer golf season and that Skåne is closer to the rest of Europe. We were lucky to finally, after a long search, find this fantastic house in Minnesberg.

We hope that you will feel at home here and enjoy your stay! Welcome!

Anders & Cecilia Wettstam

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About Minnesberg Bricklaying company and our house

Minnesbergs Tegelbruksbolag (Minnesberg Bricklaying company) was founded in 1883 and reconstituted to Minnesberg Tegelbruks Aktiebolag (Minnesberg Bricklaying Ltd) in 1888. The production was from the beginning specialized in finer tile, glazed tile and details but during the 20th century it was changed to more roof tile and brick facade. Minnesberg Bricklaying company delivered e.g. tiles to several large church-buildings, e.g. to the church of Luleå and the church of Tygelsjö, to the sugar factories in e.g. Trelleborg and Svedala, to factory buildings, e.g.the steam mill in Kalmar and a dairy in Visby on the island of Gotland, etc. The bricklaying company was closed down in 1993, but several of the buildings are still there and are used as e.g. warehouse.

Our house was built in 1900 and has been the office of the bricklaying company. Eventually it also became the residence of the managing director Arne Mörck and his family. Arne Mörck started working in the company in 1935 and succeeded his father Hjalmar Mörck as managing director in 1939.

The community is characterized by a style of construction with brick houses, built of the local tiles.

Sources: “Minnesbergtegel 1888-1963 – en minnesskrift” by C.G. Lekholm and H. Lindal, “Archives Portal Europe”, Landsarkivet (Regional Archives) in Lund – under the heading Minnesbergs Tegelbruks AB:s arkiv, and Wikipedia.

Are you looking for a personal Bed & Breakfast in Skåne?

Our B&B in Skåne offers unique accommodation in a peaceful place in the countryside for those of you who like it more personal and small. Breakfast is served and bed linen and cleaning is included. You also have access to the large garden and a barbecue area.